DevOps culture: The challenge of cultivating a culture requires profound changes.

While adopting DevOps practices automates and streamlines processes with technology, it all starts with the internal culture of the organization and the people who participate in it. The challenge of cultivating a DevOps culture requires profound changes in the way people work and collaborate. But when organizations commit to implementing a DevOps culture, they can create an environment that facilitates the development of high-performance teams.
Collaboration, visibility and alignment

A good DevOps culture is distinguished by, among other things, collaboration between teams, which begins with visibility. Different teams, such as development or IT operations, must share their DevOps processes, priorities, and concerns with each other. These teams must also plan the work together and align their objectives and indicators of success in relation to the business.
Changes in scope and responsibility

As teams align, take on and participate in more lifecycle phases, not just those that are critical to their role. For example, developers take responsibility not only for the innovation and quality established in the development phase, but also for the performance and stability that their changes produce in the use phase. At the same time, IT operators make sure to include governance, security and regulatory compliance in the planning and development phases.
Shorter version release cycles

DevOps teams stay agile by releasing software releases in short cycles. Shorter version release cycles make planning and risk management easier because progress is incremental, reducing the impact on system stability. Shortening version release cycles also allows organizations to adapt and react to changing customer needs and competitive pressure.
Continuous learning

High-performing DevOps teams establish a growth mindset. They accept failure and respond quickly to mistakes, incorporating what they learn into processes, continuously improving, increasing customer satisfaction, and constantly accelerating innovation and adaptability to market. DevOps is a journey, so there is always room to grow.

By: Microsoft.

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